Sara Taigher

I work as a director and motion designer. My work is deeply inspired by contrasts between nature and technology

My primary expression medium, animation in all its forms, has allowed me to range from video installations to commercials, from music videos to animated movies.

I’ve always just wanted to create something that was not just in a commercial direction but that would express my ideas, thoughts and sensations through the use of contemporary aesthetics. 

After graduating in graphic and media design at London College of Communication I started directing commercials hired as a motion director by the production company Filmmaster. There I learned many things especially how to deal with strict clients and how to respect tight deadlines without getting a panic attack.

I’m also deeply in love with music videos. I’ve directed and animated music videos like Solar life raft for Dj Rupture and Matt Shadetek and Valse de meduse for Le Cardamomò.

In 2012 I founded my production company So What Pictures with Ippolito Simion and Lorenzo Giordano where I currently work as a motion director and motiongrapher.

At the moment I’m working on my first animated short film Black, which I’ve been producing for the last 2 years thanks to the cinema fund from the italian culture bureau (Mibact) and a crowdfunding campaign.



2014 Imperia Film Festival – Best music video with Valse de meduse

2014  Tolfa Film festival – Best music video with Valse de meduse 

The festival provided the following reason:
“Excellent visual transposition, non-mechanical and non-fiction, a piece of music in many ways extraordinary, as if the orchestra in Piazza Vittorio gave it to pop music”.


2005 Dams Film festival – Best experimental and video art video with Humanity Lost