Sara Taigher

Born in Rome in 1980, works as a director and motion designer. Her work is deeply inspired by contrasts between nature and technology

Sara started producing videos and motion graphics during her techno and electronic “era” as a VJ in 2005 when she moved to London and graduated in Graphic and Media Design at London College of Communication.

That’s when she set up her first video-sculpture “Humanity Lost” and won the first prize at Dams Film Festival back home.

After graduating in UK and coming back to Rome she starts directing tv, cinema and web commercials hired by the production company Filmmaster. She also gains skills in music video direction and animation with Solar life raft (Dj Rupture and Matt Shadetek) and Valse de meduse (Le Cardamomò).

In 2012 when she starts to personally deal with brands like Philip Morris, Nat Geo, The Space Cinema and many others she founds her own production company So What Pictures with Ippolito Simion and Lorenzo Giordano where she currently works as a motion director.